Day one at your new job – Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on June 30 Tue, 2015 By Puja Dua

Day one at your new job can be among the most unforgettable and probably the most stressful day of your career. You've gone through the challenging job hunt– spent hours finalizing your resume, days preparing for interviews, and ensuring you impress your prospective new employer - and now when you've joined the job, you'll want to live up to their expectations.

So, this is the most indispensable day to create an efficacious and enduring impression on your supervisor and associates. Rather than taking chances and doing some bits right and messing up the other bits completely, here are do’s and don’ts to help you sail through your DAY 1 smoothly.

First Impressions Count: You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. The fact is that people make a judgment about you within 30 seconds of the initial contact. Attire, hair style, footwear, accessories, etc. influence the way that you are perceived.

Be Punctual: Self-discipline facilitates goals and keeps our attitude elevated. Discipline is the utmost requirement for success. So, how about reaching your work place a bit early on day one. It will save you from figuring out parking hassles, and give you time to put your confident face forward. 

Listen and Observe: It is imperative to contemplate people’s business approach. For the first few days, listen as much and observe so that it enables you to decipher the work and culture of the organisation. A smart person listens to all ideas, takes the good ones into consideration and applies that information in their day to day to life.

Ask Questions for helpNo one assumes you will resolve the organisation's problems on day one or that you know everything. So, ease a bit, and ask questions or help as in you need. It is always better to ask than doing the task the wrong way and wasting time. 

Positive attitude: A positive attitude leads to success and happiness. The supervisor would be willing to train an employee who displays enthusiasm and a favourable approach towards work. This would bring recognition and more opportunities for an employee, enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem. 


Judge or criticize: If you disagree with something someone says or does, reserve judgment until you have a better sense of how s/he operates. Think for 10 seconds before you comment about anything as you are under a scanner initially and your perception is still getting created. So be sensitive in usage of your words and statements.

Too much talking: 
Be measured in your behaviour and know how/what/when and whom to talk to. Comparison of the current employer with the previous company is a big NO. Strive to execute the best of etiquettes and maintain an unprejudiced act and frame an enduring notion. 

Engrossing in your phoneOn the first day of your job, one must be very prompt and zealous. Fidgeting or speaking too much on the phone is not appreciated. Also, inevitably place the mobiles on silent/vibrate mode.

Grapevine communication: Each office would have its share of grapevine and manipulations. One must strictly pursue office code of conduct and keep away from such schmoose. 

Being the new member of a workplace is challenging as well as exciting and your aim should be to make the most of all situations. Above tips should help to provide you some insights as you approach a new job.Remember to be at ease, get to know your team members, keep your mind open, and do your work-- your approach should go far in making a lasting impression and a good reputation.




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