Professional Courses: An Upper Edge

Posted on August 20 Thu, 2015 By Monica Sharma

Pursuing academics as a working professional can give you the much needed advantage in today's job market


India has always been eyed as a growing economy due to its productive population. But after our graduation or post-graduation, are we job-ready? Are we skilled and employable?
An honest answer would be `No'. We need to skill and up-skill our employability quotient to become contributing citizens. Hence, to ensure employment to those who aspire to perform, professional vocational education is the answer.

Professional courses have a clear focus on creating dynamic education and training modules across various sectors to empower the Indian youth to become employable. Their content is sector-specific and teaching methodology is a mix of instructor-led training, case studies, role plays, activities, games, simulations, e-learning, guest lectures, etc. The environment is created for experiential learning where the faculty shares real-time industry interface and students exchange their experiences. They impart specialized training to students through a blend of knowledge, skill and behavioral interventions. The delivery of some of these professional courses ensures that the learners get ample time to strengthen their learning by undertaking self development activities like reading, researching, on-site observations, etc.

An industry, which is growing fast is the banking industry. There is a massive demand in the banking sector but there exists a huge gap in skill sets that are required in this industry. While the two year post-graduate degrees like MBA emphasize on theoretical learning, it is these professional courses that equip the human capital with knowledge, skill and attitude, and hence, employability. Students should not take up courses wherein the subjects taught may not be relevant when they actually start working. It is very important that when we take up a professional course, it is industry-relevant; and provides us the requisite path to procure certifications, domain knowledge, performance and behavioral skills, positive attitude and hands-on practice on the software with which the industry works.

With duration that is short, learning which is industry-focused, expense that fits the pocket, knowledge, skills and attitude as pre-requisites, the short-term professional courses are surely the best bet to bridge the industry demand of skilled manpower and the supply of employable aspirants.


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