Top 10 Characteristics and Skills that Make a Successful Retail Banker

Posted on July 22 Wed, 2015 By Shumona Banerjee

In today’s scenario, retail banking is a very dynamic space to work in. It’s fast paced, highly competitive and extremely customer centric. So, what you need to make the cut? 

Check out these 10 essential characteristics/skills that puts you on the path of a successful banker. 

Customer-oriented Attitude: The most important aspect in the service industry is customer satisfaction. Yes, you have to remember, ‘customer first.’ A successful banker has to always remember to put the customer interests first and commit to deliver superior customer service to him/her. To do this always, you need to be a problem solver, empathetic to the customer, and positively oriented. Remember, your customer is a human being with feelings and not just an account that you have to manage.  

Good Communication Skills: First listen and then talk. Understanding the issue and adapting to the situation to give the right solution is the key to good communication skills. 

Good Negotiation Skills: A successful banker is one who is able to engage and network with internal and external customers for the desired results. He/she is the one who has the negotiation skills to be able to comprehend and find solutions to difficult conflict situations and resolve all customer queries. 

Excellent Product Knowledge: It is imperative to possess product knowledge, and be up-to-date with industry updates, competitors and in-house product innovations. 

Impeccable Time Management: For an effective output, one needs to master time management skills. Planning the day would involve eliminating the unnecessary interruptions, setting priorities, multitasking and knowing when to multi-task. Ultimately, it’s important to set a timeline to accomplish the assigned tasks in conjunction with the organisation’s expectation. As they say, “the show must go on”, in service industry delivering as promised and when promised is paramount to create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). 

Being Responsible: Since the bank is a financial institution based on trust, a successful banker should be extremely responsible and ethical. He/she should own the work and the customer he/she handles. 

Exhibiting Professionalism: Banking is an exceptionally knowledge driven and competitive business. Customers come with all their savings and wealth to the bank. A successful banker must be professional in his/her approach to ensure that the customers build confidence in the bank and entrust them with all their finances. 

Being an Initiator/Pioneer: “I am a staunch believer – Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” A retail banker is like an entrepreneur who is responsible for generation of profit for his/her organisation. The way one approaches a customer, builds a rapport, creates a brand image and ensures expansion and retention of the relationship requires spearheading. 

Sound Judgement: A banker has to be vigilant to be able to avert frauds. The industry has become highly prone to fraudulent activities in spite of several processes in place. Even with Stringent Anywhere Banking facilities and advanced technology, the ever lurking fraudster can still breach the system. Therefore, you should be compliant, process driven, and totally dedicated to carrying the task to 100% completion. 

Risk Management: Along with judgement, you need to be cautious while managing all the risks involved in the transactions you carry out on behalf of your customer. Also, you should be able to practice due diligence at all points of time.   

Inculcating the aforementioned characteristics and skills does not take much time, but you need to have the zeal and the right training to imbibe them. In retail banking, banks provide training, but you too will have to make an arduous effort to master the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude.      

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