Top 10 tips to win over your customer 'First Time and Every Time'

Posted on June 18 Thu, 2015 By Kuldip Singh Banga

If you are doing business, then one most important component of your business is your CUSTOMER. To run your business profitably you need to build relationship with your customer. Using the following tips, building relations will be a happy experience.

 1.  Be presentable

The customer will not engage, if he finds you not worthy of engagement. To attract him, make yourself presentable taking care of your dress, grooming, hygiene, body odour, breath odour etc. Be formally dress in colors such as black, blue and white. To improve on breath odour, you may need to improve eating habits.

 2.  Smile & eye contact

A smile costs nothing but rewards with the trust of the customer. An eye contact is a must to keep the customer engaged.

 3.  Address him by name

Every human responds to his name with fervor and glow. So touch someone’s heart by addressing him by name. “Good morning Mr. Singh” is always better than “Good morning Sir”.

 4.  Check your tone

Warm and friendly tone can impress the customer and help build relation. By hearing such a tone he may say to himself,” Ah he is the person who may understand me better”.

 5.  Express respect & value      

Every human desires to be respected. Giving him the desired respect will help you win him and build a rapport.

 6.  Interact in customer’s language       

A customer always feels at home in his preferred language. Interacting with him in his language builds rapport faster.

 7.  Find a common area of interest       

Share something in which you both have a common interest. Like his native place, the school he attended, his hobby, say photography or trekking etc. The music he enjoys or the writer he likes reading most.

 8.  Offer solutions not excuses               

Be positive and try to find a solution to his problem or query, by taking ownership. It will help build trust faster.

 9.  Visit again  

Prompt the customer to visit again. This shows that you are happy to serve him.

 10. Thank the customer              

Always thank the customer for giving you the chance to serve him. A person making a complaint is more a friend than a foe, as he is helping us improve our services.


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