Why bank sales jobs are ideal for freshers?

Posted on June 4 Thu, 2015 By Suvashis Halder
Sales is the backbone of any business, and banking is no exception. A company which can sustain and grow its revenue inflow year-on-year is one which people trust and put their money on.

Banking is no longer a social obligation as it used to be fifty-sixty years back. It is one of the fastest growing industries and at any point of time we have a hundred banks, each vying for a slice of the market. Successful banks, today, are ones who have a very robust internal sales management mechanism, creating an ideal platform for young professionals to work hard, contribute to the bottom line of and be rewarded accordingly.

From my days of branch banking till now, I preach the importance of sales management and customer facing roles early in life to all youngsters. Anyone wishing to work, progress and grow with a bank, needs to start their career in customer facing sales roles.

It will help you understand and appreciate:

(1) What a customer means for a bank?

(2) Basics of sales and customer management

(3) How to pitch for products?

(4) How to convert a lead to a sale?

(5) How to handle customer issues?

(6) And most importantly, how to be a winner

The sense of contribution and achievement I see in young people, once they convert a lead to a sale is phenomenal. It builds their hunger for more sales, and a growing hunger to overachieve, and boost their earnings!

I regularly tell people that unless you understand the customer, unless you make a sale, unless you contribute to the revenue of the bank, you will possibly never see yourself as a Sales Manager or a Regional Sales Manager or reach the position of a Branch Manager.

Starting your career in sales, according to me, is the ideal platform for someone to start a banking career. It calls for extreme hard work early in life. But a career in sales, provides oopportunities for higher earning, faster growth within and outside the bank. It even provides you a wider option of career choices within branch banking, wealth management and retail lending functions. I know several people, who excelled in sales early in life and have met their life’s goal’s within five years of their initial careers.

Sales requires a very high level of motivation and positivity. I have seen youth who have both these qualities pushing them into the limelight in a very short span of time. Today, if I look around, I will not find a single branch manager in any private or foreign bank who has not come up through the sales ladder. So, if you want to be a winner in this competitive banking space, you need to spread your wings around sales and relationship management early in life because this kind of opportunity should never be missed!

Suvashis Halder
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